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Do you want to

… visualize your strategy?

… structure your change initiative?

… make sure your colleagues are on the same page?

… know what you think before you hear what you say?

Then the Strategy Kit™ might be just right for you.

(It’s awesome, pinky promise!) 

191113_workshop_fireeye_bearbeitet cmyk-
191113_workshop_fireeye_bearbeitet cmyk-

The Strategy Kit™

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Small Cards – Huuuge Impact

The Kits are alright. 

Strategy Consultants

"A fun and indispensable tool to align the various perspectives on (a) strategy at the beginning of each project. And it helps break the ice, too!"

Senior Consultant



"Organisational change needs clarity. The cards not only provide a clear understanding of the change process, but also enable the communication of an engaging change story."

Change Manager

Virginia Parsons



"This hands-on workshop tool allows me to forge raw ideas into solid business concepts, ready for decision makers and key stakeholders. And it’s so damn cute! 12/10"

Innovation Coach

Anne Jensen

191113_WORKSHOP_Fireeye_bearbeitet CMYK-


"Whenever I use the Strategy Kit in one of my overpriced workshops, my clients really dig it! I get to finally pay my rent, outsmart my colleagues and even impress my missus – which never happens!"

Professional Charlatan

Peter Lust

191113_WORKSHOP_Fireeye_bearbeitet CMYK-

You can use the Strategy Kit™ alone or in a team workshop, using a large table, whiteboard or other surface that your mom allows you to draw on. You then arrange and rearrange the cards to your liking, add information and ideas, and discuss them till your tongues drop off.

The Kit consists of five different modules:

191113_workshop_fireeye_bearbeitet cmyk-


The Business Model module helps to understand the status quo. Who are your clients and other stakeholders? What is your service or product? How do you create value? How do you make money?

The Strategy module encourages you to envision your path to a desirable future. It contains all elements of a typical business strategy (e.g. vision, mission and strategic priorities).



The Metaphors module helps you uncover blind spots and get creative by viewing your work through a set of metaphorical lenses. What if your organisation was a well-oiled machine? What if it were an elephant's guts?

The Change module enables you to develop a change initiative. Why is there a need for change? What is the desired change? Who needs to be involved to make it happen?



Finally, the Story module assists you in turning your work into a coherent, transformative and exciting narrative that sustains your target group's interest.

Each set contains 30 cards + 1 user manual (incl. two example workshop guidelines)

How Does It Work?

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