​Are you looking to

… create and execute a concrete yet flexible and iterative action plan for your entrepreneurial journey.

align, coordinate, engage and convince co-creators, investors, and other stakeholders?

… create space for divergent thinking while simultaneously moving forward?

Then the Entrepreneur's Kit™ might be just the thing to get you on the right track.

(It’s awesome, pinky promise!)

The Entrepreneur's Kit ™

Small Steps – Serious Start





You're Kitting me!



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You can use the Entrepreneur's Kit™ any way you like. They serve YOUR noble purpose,  

not the other way around. You can pin them to your office door, bring them to your next hackathon or  — as we do  — use them to moderate a  

creative workshop.

The Kit consists of six different modules:

Entrepreneur's Kit – The Great Problem
Entrepreneur's Kit – Stakeholders
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Entrepreneurship Karten 201019_36.png
Entrepreneur's Kit – Roles
Entrepreneur's Kit – Food for Thought

Each set contains 44 cards + 1 user manual (incl. three example workshop guidelines)

Oooh Pretty. And Now?

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