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The Entrepreneur's Kit Page

​Are you looking to

… create and execute a concrete yet flexible and iterative action plan for your entrepreneurial journey.

align, coordinate, engage and convince co-creators, investors, and other stakeholders?

… create space for divergent thinking while simultaneously moving forward?

Then the Entrepreneur's Kit™ might be just the thing to get you on the right track.

(It’s awesome, pinky promise!)

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The Entrepreneur's Kit ™

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Small Steps – Serious Start

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“This sweet little deck of cards helped me to lay down the groundwork to create my very own startup, and I still use it as a reference today when I’m faced with new challenges.”


Asher Holzen



"I used this Kit to run a workshop style pitch within my company. It was engaging and created an atmosphere of curiosity and openness. The pitch was a success thanks to the Kit!"


Julia Carazzo

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You're Kitting me!



"This kit is a great resource which I love to use with my clients. It helps them to get out of the rut they’re stuck in, reflect on their trajectory and decide on a new direction which benefits all stakeholders."


James O'Leary

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This Entrepreneur’s kit is my jam, because it challenges the status quo. Do you really know your team? Are you on the right track or is there a better one? Who is really important to your business? Tacos or pizza?"


Caz Hibbard

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You can use the Entrepreneur's Kit™ any way you like. They serve YOUR noble purpose,  

not the other way around. You can pin them to your office door, bring them to your next hackathon or  — as we do  — use them to moderate a  

creative workshop.

The Kit consists of six different modules:

Entrepreneur's Kit – The Great Problem


Take Off

This module forms the core of the Kit. The basic idea: start where you are. There is no need to predict the future if you can create it yourself. It helps you to ask what are you good at, what and whom do you know, and which problems keep you awake at night? 

Entrepreneur's Kit – Stakeholders



This module helps you zoom in on the stakeholders you identified in 

the Business Model. Who or what affects you and/or is affected by you? Who or what are potential investors and clients?

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The Business Model module helps to understand the status quo. Who are your clients and other stakeholders? What is your service or product? How do you create value? How do you make money?

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The Story module assists you in turning your work into a coherent, transformative and exciting narrative that sustains your target group's interest.

Entrepreneur's Kit – Roles



To assemble a brilliant team, you don’t just need good people but also the right combination of good people. The Roles Module helps you do precisely that. It makes sure your team is more than stars and quarterbacks.

Entrepreneur's Kit – Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Finally, this module encourages you to positively reframe your concerns. Every risk is an opportunity. Don’t strive for perfection right out of the gate. And remember: when life gives you enemies, make friends!

Each set contains 44 cards + 1 user manual (incl. three example workshop guidelines)

Oooh Pretty. And Now?

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Get Your Kit Now!

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