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Are you looking to

… take your team's decision-making to the next level?

generate actionable intelligence?

share your experiences?

get the answer to the Why, What, and How of your next step?

Then the CHÔRA Sensemaking Kit™ might be just what you've been looking for.


© 2022 Concept and Methodology by CHÔRA Foundation, the Netherlands. Design and Illustration by Zense GmbH, Switzerland.


The CHÔRA Sensemaking Kit™

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You can use the CHÔRA Sensemaking Kit™ any way you like - just not alone. Except you have at least eight personalities that can participate in this collaborative workshop.

The Kit consists of four different modules:

221111_Alle_ChorakitKarten V5_2.1_Framing_What.png


This module helps you create a clear shared intent so that everyone is clear on Who is there, What they are making sense of, and Why.

221111_Alle_ChorakitKarten V5_R&R_Audience.png

This module helps participants understand the four roles they will play and supports the preparation of the Sensemaking module.

Roles and Rehearsal

221111_Alle_ChorakitKarten V5_R&R_PsNotes.png

This module is where we put it all to practice—using the outputs of the Framing module. Experiences will be shared, questions will be asked, and relevant information and emerging insights will be captured.


191113_workshop_fireeye_bearbeitet cmyk-
221111_Alle_ChorakitKarten V5_Intell_Actions.png


This module assists you in turning your sensemaking insights into new ideas and actions to help you redesign yourself or change what you do.

Each set contains 45 cards + 1 user manual 

How Does It Work?

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