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Do you dream of


… creating a story worth telling?

… exploring your potential as a storyteller?

… facilitating real change?

… transforming your life (or organization)?

Then The Story & Change Kit™ might be just the right thing for you.
(Turns dreams into reality, pinky promise!)


The Story & Change Kit™

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Create Stories – Spark Change

The Kits are alright. 


“This Kit was a great resource for me. It really helped me to figure out a lot about the characters in the book and where the whole story is going to end. It’s refreshing to get a new perspective of mywork.”


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“This amazing visual tool helped me a lot during the process of creating a concept and storyboard for the animated short movie my team and I are producing. It is a cool alternative to the regular story writing process.”

Motion Designer

Chris Wright

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“We used the Story and Change kit, to strengthen our communication. Thanks to the help of this lovely tool, we were able to get all on the same page and build our new communication strategy.”

Public Relations Manager

Pedro Mitchell

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191113_WORKSHOP_Fireeye_bearbeitet CMYK-


“The Story & Change Kit is a fun workshop tool. I used it with my team, during a change workshop. It really helped setting our goals right and deciding in which direction we want to go with our company.”

Transformation Manager

Gabriela Carter

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The first rule of the Story & Change Kit™ is, there are no rules. Maybe you need creative input and feel like picking a random card for inspiration. Maybe you are leading a team and want to use the cards to split the work. Maybe you are writing the next great American novel and want to improve your story. Or maybe you want to use the Kit to moderate a creative workshop – in which case there are a few rules after all.

The Kit consists of three different modules:



The Preparation module helps you see the big picture. What is the starting point of your story and/or change initiative? What is the desired change? Who is your audience? Who are authors?



The Storybuilding module helps you look at all the dirty details and turn your blueprint into a coherent, and exciting narrative. Use it to define your story’s characters, structure, and causal chain of event. Find out how to make your story thrilling, funny, meaningful, impactful… yeah, you get it.

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The Reflection module helps you take a step back and look at your finished story through a new pair of glasses. Is the end the right end? Is it the end at all? Does your story fit to the audience?  Does it have the right balance between abstraction and concreteness?

Each set contains 37 cards + 1 user manual (incl. five example workshop guidelines)

How Does It Work?

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