Kit Kit Kit.

Takes the work out of workshops.

The Strategy Kit™ is a visual workshop tool for consultants, coaches, creatives, charlatans and changemakers of all trades.


Strategy Consultants




Fancy a branded and customized Kit for your strategy, change initiative or equity story?

Well, we’ve got one more ace up our sleeve.

For companies, institutions and other organisations, Kit Kit Kit offers tailor-made and/or personalized workshop and communication tools. Whether your goal is employee engagement, knowledge sharing or strategic alignment, with Kit Kit Kit you get to play your cards right.


You can

… add your brand: replace Kit Kit Kit with your brand
… add your style: replace the current illustrations and graphics with your look
… add your content: replace our questions with your answers 
… or do all the above.



Then let’s talk business.

We are Zense, a design consultancy and agency from Zurich, Switzerland.

We were fed up with all the soul-numbing business templates and canvasses out there. Which is why we set out to create a more liberating and inspiring tool for our clients – and yours. Let us know what you think 😊.


Happy workshopping!

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