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Kit Kit Kit.

The Strategy Kit
Takes the work out of workshops

The Entrepreneur's Kit
Puts the start in your start-up

The CHÔRA Sensemaking Kit
Finally makes sense

The Story & Change Kit
hanges everything

The Strategy Kit

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The Kits

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The Strategy Kit

The Strategy Kit™ is a visual workshop tool for consultants, coaches, creatives, charlatans and changemakers of all trades.


The Enterpreneur's Kit

The Entrepreneur’s Kit™ is a visual aid for workshops to help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs lay out their road to success.


The CHÔRA Sensemaking Kit

The CHÔRA Sensemaking Kit™ is a visual workshop tool to help groups make sense together and generate actionable intelligence.

The Story & Change Kit

The Story & Change Kit™ is a visual tool for writers, storytellers, bards and changemakers alike to help create and improve their stories.


Get Your Kit Now!

Tailor-Made Cards

Kits like a glove.

Fancy a branded and customized Kit for your strategy, change initiative or start-up adventure?

Well, we’ve got one more ace up our sleeve.

For companies, institutions and other organisations, Kit Kit Kit offers tailor-made and/or personalized workshop and communication tools. Whether your goal is employee engagement, knowledge sharing or strategic alignment, with Kit Kit Kit you get to play your cards right.


You can

… add your brand: replace Kit Kit Kit with your brand
… add your style: replace the current illustrations and graphics with your look
… add your content: replace our questions with your answers 
… or do all the above.



Then let’s talk business.

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Up Next

Coming sooner than you can say "McKinsey stole my idea".


The Marketing Kit™ –
putting the wind in your sales.



The Self-Care Kit™ –
putting the ze
n into your senses.

Be the first!

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Great! See you soon!

Who's behind this sorcery?

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We are Zense, a design consultancy and agency from Zurich, Switzerland.

We were fed up with all the soul-numbing business templates and canvases out there. Which is why we set out to create a more liberating and inspiring tool for our clients – and yours. Let us know what you think 😊.


Happy workshopping!

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